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Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Waxing service near me

Every woman knows just how much we struggle to get the perfect bikini body. Apart from the need to lose weight, there are times when your pubic hairs just won’t let you be. Yes, you shave regularly but doesn’t that even have its fair share of troubles? The itching, the bumps on your skin after a shave, the discomfort when the hair finally starts to grow out, the list is endless. Sometimes, taking care of your body and looking good may not just be synonymous so there’s a divide. When dealing with hairs however whether, on the legs or the pubic area, you could try out waxing.

Waxing here is another process of removing hair only it could be a lot more painful than shaving. Waxing could just be the answer to your shaving problems. Let’s look at some benefits of waxing you may not know.

Improved Health

Waxing improves the health of a person by reducing allergic reactions and removing dead cells. You know how people react a lot to shaving sticks or those popular blackheads that seem to pop up on your face. Waxing takes out those blackheads and it is a safer choice for those with allergic reactions. Do you see how you tend to have better skin? You see gone are the days when bumps would torture you. Apart from the fact that they are unsuitable for when you put on a bikini as no one wants to see that bump. They could also become very difficult to look at. Waxing avoids this as there won’t be any bumps but only a sore skin.

Complete Hair Removal

Waxing helps to remove the hair completely from the roots rather than cutting them short. The hair after being waxed grows back a lot finer than shaved hair.


Whether you know it or not, the amount of time it would take you to shave your legs is a lot more than what you need to wax. So apart from improving your health, it also saves a ton of time.

Wax Time

Your waxed skin lasts a little longer when you avoid shaving sticks completely. So even if waxing is the best way to remove hair, if you shave with a stick between waxes, it will encourage hair growth and eventually, the skin on the area becomes very coarse.

Even Skin Tone

When you wax instead of shaving, you inadvertently create the opportunity for your body to breathe. It ensures an even skin tone since it will be removing the hair from the roots. It makes the skin smooth and even. You also do not have to live in fear of stubble.

The best part about waxing is the fact that your hair will take a slower period to grow to full length and this is primarily because it was removed from the roots. So you could say about 4 to 6 weeks. This means you could use your first wax for the period of your wedding and honeymoon. Definitely something worth trying.


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