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Men: Popular Hair Products to Use

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Men’s hair products are available in a wide range: gels, sprays, creams and what not. Each of these products has been designed for a specific purpose and suits only a certain type of hair. Some of them may work well for all hair types, but then it’s clearly stated on the labels.

So what can you use these hair products for?

Before we actually go on to describing the purpose of common hair products, there are two terms that you should know. The first is shine. Any product with this word on the label will reflect light, giving your hair a glossy look. Anything labelled matte will absorb light, so your hair won’t appear to shine. The second term is holding power, which can be classified as low, mediumor maximum/strong. This is what mainly distinguishes the many hair products out there.

Great, now let’s see what our men's hairdressing experts have to say about hair products.

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High shine and maximum hold

Hair gel is probably the most common styling product for men. Available in different holding strengths, ranging from light to strong, this product holds your hair in place all day. But according to our hair stylists in Shenley Brook End, a hair gel contains a drying formula, so if you use it too much, your hair may become brittle, frizzy and weak.


Medium shine and hold

Hair wax can be used to achieve messy styles as well as structured and well-defined looks. Once applied, your hair may either look matte or shiny depending on what you have chosen. Generally, hair wax works better for slightly wavy or straight hair. If your hair is curly, the product may clump. Unlike a gel, hair wax doesn’t harden over time, so you can redo your hair during the day.

If you only want to keep up spikes or hold down your hair firmly, then you can use hair wax rather than a gel.


High shine and medium hold

Pomades are made using mineral oil, and preferred when you want to style you hair in a neat and slick manner. According to the experts at our men’s hairdressing salon, this product doesn’t dry up or harden your hair, so you can style it whenever you want during the day.


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