£5 Deposit

Deposits for services that are less than £50. For example: hair cuts, blow-dries, cut & finish etc.

Deposit Policy

Keeping your slot booked

No-shows cost hair salons and their clients dearly. Our business runs on tight schedules that are finely tuned. From when someone enters, to when they have their shampoo, to their cut and processing time. Missing your appointment throws this schedule out and negatively impacts our business, stylists and other clients.


Most inconvenient is that other clients, who would have loved to have that appointment, have to go with out.


To be fair to everyone we require a deposit for every booking during very busy times. For services below £50, the deposit is £5. For services above £50, it is £10.


This deposit is non-refundable for any reason (even if you are sick, busy, stuck in traffic etc.).


Please only book an appointment you intend to attend.  

Hair Dying

£10 Deposit

Deposits for services that are more than £50. For example: colours, foils, highlights etc.

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