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Terms and Conditions on using offers.

Arcana MK Ltd Terms and Conditions

New customer offer:   

This offer is valid when the customer hasn't visited us before and is visiting us for the 1st time.

Return customer offer:

This offer is valid when the returning customers hasn't visited us during the last 6 months.  

Availability and restricted times:

Please tell us at the time of booking that you got an offer voucher as offers may not to be used after 5pm Monday-Friday and on weekends.

Personalised offers:

If the client name is printed on the offer voucher, email or text then such offers is for that particular customer only and it cannot be used by other customer with a different name.  

Duplicate use of email id:

It is possible that because your email id was used by a member of your family, so you may have received this offer in error. We reserve right to redeem your return customer offer voucher as it may have been for a member of family who hasn't visited us within last 6 months.

Refer a friend scheme :

When a friend is referred by existing customer via a code, this offer can only be used on production of valid refer a friend code.  The referred friend should be a new customer to us.  Existing customer cannot be referred as a new customer. 

Expiry date:

Our offer vouchers carry an expiry date.  The staff cannot honour the offer if the voucher is expired.

Cannot be used along with any other offer:

This text means that multiple offers cannot be used by the same customer (eg. you cannot produce new customer voucher and referred friend customer at the same time).

Production of a valid offer voucher or text:

Production of a valid voucher or text is required.  The staff cannot honour any offer if they are told about it verbally.

Right to honour offer:

We reserve right to honour your offer to avoid misuse and fair use of offers.

Unsubscribe :

All our marketing emails or texts will have an option to opt-out from receiving future marketing messages from us.  Just follow the instructions in email or text to opt-out.


If you have complaints while using offer then please write to us at 


All deposits are non refundable. Deposit will be retained if appointment is cancelled or rescheduled within 48hours (unless in exceptional circumstances).  If appointment is cancelled or rescheduled before this time then deposit can be used against future booking at Arcana. 

About us

We are Arcana MK Ltd and our address is 54, Egerton Drive, Milton Keynes, MK5 7HH, United Kingdom. You can contact us at

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