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Colour – Patch testing 


Do you offer Beauty treatments?

Yes, we have a beauty room at back of the salon where we offer beauty treatments.

If you are looking for advanced treatments such as CACI facials or Laser Hair Removal or struggling to get slot at Arcana then you can book at Anita's Beauty Centre by calling 01908520600 or at Anita's website at

Why are you recommending Anita's Beauty Centre? Aren't they one of your competitors?

Anita's Beauty Centre now owns Arcana so you can get beauty treatments done at Arcana or Anita's - we are not competitors any more! 😊

Can I have a colour without a patch test? 

No, everyone who has a colour has to have had a patch test at least 48hrs before colouring service or have had a colour with Arcana in the last 6 months. 

Can I sign something instead of having a patch test? 

We do not allow anyone to sign a disclaimer, you have to have had your patch test at least 48hrs before your colouring service or have had a colour at Arcana within the last 6 months. 


How long before a colour do I need to have a patch test? 

If you haven’t had a colour with us previously or within the last 6 months then you would need a patch test at least 48hrs before your appointment. 


I have put a home colour on my hair since my last colour at the salon do I need a new patch test?

Yes you would need a new patch test done at least 48hrs before you colour service if you have used another brand of colour since your last appointment with us.


When do I need to be patch tested for colour?

If it has been 6 months or more since you last colour with us. In addition to this if you have used a home colour in between salon visits, a change in medical history


Can I just walk in or do I need to book an appointment?

We offer a walk in service, however there could be a slight wait. If you would like your hair cut on a specific day or time then we offer a booking service. 


Can I book in with a stylist instead of a Barber?

You can book in with a stylist, however there is a price difference. Gents cuts with a Stylist are booked under ‘cut only’ and receive a 20% discount of the stylist cut price

What are your opening times?

We are open Tuesday – Thursday 9am–9pm, Friday 9am–6.30pm and Saturday 8.30am-4.30pm.

Do I have to have a wash and cut or do you offer a dry cut service?

Both our wash and cut and dry cut services are booked in as a ‘cut only’ service this way the client can decide on the day if they would like their hair to be washed before their cut. After the consultation the stylist may recommend to have/not to have a wash depending on the style/hair type.

Our ‘cut only’ bookings do not include a blow dry, should you wish to book for a blow dry after your cut this would be a ‘cut and finish’ service.


What is the difference between a regular and advanced stylist?

An advanced stylist is generally more experienced than a regular stylist in terms of having worked in the industry for longer. It can sometimes (but not always) mean that an advanced stylist has attended more training courses/has more qualifications than a regular stylist.

Why is there a surcharge on my booking?

If you have longer/thicker hair and the stylist requires more time to complete the service there may be a surcharge added to your booking to accommodate for this.

Do you do student/keyworker or OAP discount?

We do not currently offer any discounts, instead we have exciting Loyalty cards by which you will get your 6th treatment (blow dry, cut or cut and finish).

Is there a certain age you have to be for a colour?

Unfortunately we cannot apply colour to anyone under the age of 16 years 

Can I decide on the day if I want a cut added onto a colour service?

We cannot guarantee that we would be able to add a cut onto a colour service if it has not been booked in advance. We will always do our best to accommodate you, however it is best if even a week/few days before your appointment to give us a call and see if it is possible 

I am booked in for highlights and roots, can I let you know on the day if I decide not to have the highlights?

All our appointments are booked to tight timings and this may mean a wait between your colour being washed off and the follow on service (blowdry/cut) this could be up to an hour depending on if it was a full head of highlights and if the stylist has clients in between your original colour service. It is always best to let us know in advance of any change to your appointment so we can adjust the timings accordingly 

Do you do children's hair?

We do children’s hair and offer a 20% discount on our prices for children aged 0-11years and 10% discount on children aged 12-17years Tuesday-Friday 9-6pm if booked with a stylist. 

Boys cuts can go in with our barber, which is a set price

Technical Questions:

What is the difference between an Ombre and a Balayage?

Ombre Is a dramatic, two-toned hair color effect that is typically darker at the top and lighter on the bottom. Often the dark, top section is your natural hair color shade and the bottom section is lightened with hair lightener.


Balayage highlights are hand-painted or swept along the surface of the hair. The application begins away from the roots and gradually becomes heavier as it travels along the section, culminating in the heaviest application of lightener or hair color at the ends. Because the hair color or lightener is concentrated on the surface of each section, the underside remains darker, which gives the hair a very natural, dimensional effect. The resulting subtle balayage hairstyle mimics a natural, sun-kissed effect.


What is the difference between a basic and designer blowdry?

A basic blow dry is a thirty minute appointment that tends to be for clients that have shorter/mid-length hair.

A designer blowdry is a forty five minute booking that is usually booked for clients with longer/thicker hair or someone looking to have a big bouncy blowdry.


What is the difference between a partial, half and a full head foils?

Partial highlights are great for a quick colour change/top up colour without the hassle or commitment of all over highlights. A partial foils is applied only to the top layer (parting) of the hair and is great for a subtle lightening effect.

A half head of foils can be used to cover regrowth that appears where the hair parts. Half head foils are applied only to certain sections of the hair, this is usually spread over the crown, down the sides and the top layers of the hair. If you hair is a bob or shorter, a half head might be enough for you.


Full head highlighting means that foils will be placed on each section of your hair.

Your stylist will apply foils all over your hair for maximum lightening results.If you are looking to go significantly lighter, full highlights will help get you there.if you’re hoping for a colour change such as going from brunette to blonde, a full highlights would be recommended.


What is the difference between a trim and a restyle cut?

A restyle cut is usually anything more than 3 inches off your hair. This service is usually booked out as a longer service as when changing the style this can take the stylist longer to achieve the desired end result.


When would I need a ‘tint’ instead of a ‘root’ colour?

At a root colour booking your stylist will apply the colour to just the ‘root’ area of your hair, this will cover any re-growth that you may have coming through since your last colour application. The mid-lengths and ends would not be coloured with a root colour service.

A tint is an all over colour which would cover every strand of hair. This can be applied when your colour may have faded through the mid-lengths and ends. There may be several causes for this, such as using the incorrect products, for example a shampoo that is not designed as a ‘colour protect’ product or from other factors such as sunlight.

A tint could also be applied for someone looking to have a colour change, such as going from blonde to brunette.

Covid Related Questions:

Do I need to keep my mask on when in the salon?

As per Covid 19 regulations we ask that all clients (unless exempt) wear a face mask/covering at all times during their appointment. There are some exceptions to this, for example if you are having a treatment on the facial area.


Are you accepting cash payments?

We are accepting cash payments.


Other than wearing a mask what are the other Covid 19 related rules within the salon?

We ask that all clients wait outside the salon at the time of their appointment, one of our team members will come and take your temperature before entering the salon. If you could please try and come alone to your appointment so we can maintain social distancing rules within the salon we would be most grateful.

Please click here for further covid instructions .

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