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Facial & Skin


Your face is your window to the world. That's why we choose Dermalogica as our professional facial partner. Dermalogica was created by skin care therapists and boasts a great reputation for helping millions of people to have healthy, glowing, youthful skin. Using Dermalogica's unique Face Mapping Skin Analysis® system, our beauty therapists will help to identify your skin type and condition. From this we prescribe a personalised skin care regimen.

Express Facial

Choose an express facial for a high impact intensive treatment. This treatment will be designed for your most pressing skin concerns. The treatment combines professional cleansing and exfoliation with a face mask. Therapists gently massage professional grade products into your face to allow them to penetrate deep into your skin.

30 Minutes

Speciality Facial

With a speciality treatment our beauty therapists will target all your specific skin needs to leave your skin healthy, radiant and glowing. Therapists will take time to identify your unique requirements and build a treatment around you. The therapist will be able to focus on key areas of your face, using professional dermalogica products to target your unique needs. Additional time will be given for gently  massaging the face and allowing the professional grade activates to penetrate deep into the skin and rejuvenate the epidermis.  The therapists will recommend a tailor made skin care regimen for you.

60 Minutes

Deluxe Facial

Our Deluxe Facial is the ultimate facial. Incorporating the elements both the express and the speciality facial with added elements such as an eye zone treatment that focuses on hydration to make your eye zone look and feel refreshed. The extra time of this treatment allows our beauty therapists to take their time to let the professional grade products work their magic. The results are fantastic and you will leave looking amazing and feeling relaxed.

90 Minutes

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