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Let's face it, life can be tough. Work, family, even leisure activities can take their toll on our bodies. This builds up in our joints and muscles causing inflammation, tightness, discomfort and even pain. It slowly saps our energy and eats away at our joy. 

Massaging these soft tissues has been a tried and tested way of alleviating stress. The practice dates back over 5000 years and almost every civilisation has engaged in it in some form or another. Even half-an hour of a back, neck and shoulder massage can leave you feeling yourself again, eager to take on the world.


At Arcana Beauty Salon we specialise in deep tissue, hot-stone Swedish massage therapy. Our therapists have been trained to massage away the pains and discomforts of the body to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Our aim is to refresh you so that you can once again take on the challenges of life; be that running a successful business, holding down a stressful job or managing an energetic family.

Customise your massage to suit your unique situation: use deep-tissue for stress relief and to massage away tight knots, or a relaxing hot-stone massage to re-centre yourself.

Stones Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulders

The aim of this massage is to relieve stress and tension pent-up in three key areas.

The weight of the world can have a negative effect on our bodies, resulting in tension in our muscles. This stress is often carried in our back, neck and shoulders. The result is low energy, poor posture, aches and pains. 30 minutes on our table with one of our beauty therapists can make all the difference. With a deep-tissue Swedish massage, tightness, tension and knots will be slowly massaged away leaving you feeling relax.  

30 Minutes

Full Body

The Aim of this massage is to take time to address tension built up throughout the body (back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs).

There really is nothing like taking time out of your busy stressful life to be pampered. Taking an hour with our beauty therapists for a full-body massage is truly a necessity for anyone looking to fully relax. The massage therapists massages away tightness and knots to restore elasticity and rejuvenate the body. After an hour on our table you will feel like a new person, relaxed and refreshed. 

60 Minutes

Full Body, Face & Scalp

This treatment aims to provide complete relaxation of all areas of the body that contain stress and tightness. 

Although stress is often pent-up in our back, neck and shoulders, other areas can also be affected including our arms, legs and facial muscles. Stopping to have these massaged away can be magical. If you have 90 minutes, taking this time to really focus on your whole body as well as your head and face can be really worth it. In this treatment the massage therapist will massage away knots and tightness in all your key muscle areas with a focus on relaxation. 

60 Minutes

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