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Keratin Treatment (Smoothing)

Our Keratin treatment can provide you with smooth hair for three to five months. By infusing the hair with Keratin (the protein which gives hair its strength), hair is sleeker and easier to manage. Perfect for cutting down the time it takes to style your hair. Since you need to use less heat when styling, hair suffers less damage overall. As an added bonus; Keratin treatments can keep coloured hair brighter for longer since the keratin prevents colour fading by filling pores that normally allow colour to fade over time.

Opti Smooth Cold (Relaxing)

Opti smooth cold is the perfect treatment for those who would like sleeker hair with looser, more manageable curls for over three months. The active ingredient moves the cross links in hair (which cause curls) in order to create a looser sleeker curl. Opti smooth’s patented ceramide molecule also strengthens and nourishes hair to provide a soft and silky finish.

Opti Smooth Hot (Straightening)

Our Opti smooth hot treatment is the ultimate treatment for creating straight, smooth, frizz free hair. This permanent treatment uses active ingredients to free the cross links in hair and then a flat iron to move them permanently into a straight position. Perfect for reducing styling time.  Opti smooth also contains a patented ceramide molecule which strengthens hair and repairs damage, resulting in soft shiny hair.

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