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You know when people say “I should have known” and they go on to state what they would have done differently given the new information they have? Well, this shouldn’t be you after the summer with a head full of split ends and a dry scalp. As sure as the dawn, the summer is here again and with it comes the heat. Your hair will not thrive under this heat if you decide to wing it. It would require dedication and tender loving care to keep it with just enough amount of moisture.

Better still have you tried using protective restyles? It is possible that your hair is already cut and dyed for the season but you could decide to go for a restyle and tuck your hair away regardless. Apart from the fact that it will save you a ton of stress worrying about what could go wrong, it could also be the break your hair needs. All year round you may have cut and dyed and changed styles biweekly but guess what? Your hair gets to rest with these protective styles and an opportunity to breathe plus they are all fashion statements too.

The popular braids

Braids are lifesavers all day, every day. They successfully hide your strands and ends so that it does not get damaged in the heat. They are made very close to the scalp to inhibit movement of the hair and guarantee safe transition. There are a lot of braided styles like the box braids, crown braids, pigtails, cornrows, fishtail, waterfall, Dutch and a whole lot more. You could even go for twists and locs, all in a bid to tuck your natural hair away from the sun. They are pretty ideal for the summer and help you save a ton of money too.


Updos are more like utility hairstyles which are suitable mostly for the summer. Your hair is out of your face and all tucked up. This style protects your ends from any heat possible. The reason updos are classified protective styles is that they do not put pressure on your edges and your ends and they require less manipulation compared to letting your hair down. When out in the sun, the heat does not get to larger sections of the hair.


As much as possible, wigs play a protective role for your natural hair. Whether kinky or straight curly or wavy, whatever color you would like, short or long hairs, all wigs are measures to give your natural hair a break from constant styling and they are still considered as fashion statements. So, wigging is another way to protect your hair from all the hassle and if you think about it, it is a quick fix to a bad hair day.

Protective measures should be part of your regular hair care regimen because apart from heat and sunlight, other factors could damage your hair. So, focus on giving your hair the best care possible.


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