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You could say every woman’s nightmare is having their hair thinned out and probably fall off due to heat from the sun. Hell, whatever the cause, thin hair, and split ends are not welcome. It is easy to put sun protection on your skin and just bathe in it before you go out, but no one thinks about what the sun does to their hair. It’s almost like your skin, though your hair won’t burn, it will flake out, moisture will be dried out and it will look thinner with a dry scalp. However, all these can be prevented with the right techniques. Here are some ways to cater to your hair this summer.

Ditch the Heat Tools

It’s summer already and this means there’s a lot of heat and sun rays to go around. Do yourself a favor and get rid of the heat tools you have like the dryers and straighteners and curlers. Try as much as possible to let your hair air dry and if you have to use dryers, use low heat. All the heat will make your hair shrink and probably thin out if you do not take proper care.

Condition as much as possible

Whether you like it or not, the summer is for a lot of conditioners as this will maintain the state of your hair. Where your hair is already sunburnt with split ends, a conditioner will rejuvenate it. Where you want to go for a swim, use conditioning oils so that your hair is protected. As much as possible find the ones that are suited for your hair so you don’t run the risk of damaging your hair.


Where you have had a tint or balayage or maybe even highlights put in your hair, you would need to take extra care so the colour does not fade and leave the hair looking permanently dirty. Chemicals which in this case is your hair color when mixed with the summer sun can lead to bouts of colour fading, hair dryness, and an overall dull look. In such situations you would need to choose hair products that are peculiar to colour-treated hairs otherwise they won’t work. Try to colour your hair before the summer sun comes in its full glory but where you recently had it coloured, then try not to let it roast in the sun as it may bleach.

Put on a Hat

This is pretty obvious, isn’t it? A hat would save you all the stress where you do not have sunscreen for your hair. Try to make it a fashion statement.

Reverse and Heal

Where you are fed up with hats or caps or everything head wraps, you could resort to hair masks. There’s a reason they call it a mask, it shields your hair from harsh weather conditions. So try rubbing vigorous amounts on your hair before you step out.

No one wants to be left to hang with the summer sun, not even your hair so try to keep it contained and above all, look good too.


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