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As summer fast approaches, it is not surprising to see people switch up their wardrobes and beauty treatments to suit the changing season. While a lot of people focus on getting their bodies in shape for bikini season, it is important that you pay good attention to other parts of your body, like your feet.

Summer season is also known as sandal season as it’s common to see people switch from thigh high boots to simple, plain sandals and flip flops that expose their entire feet. This might be a bit of a challenge to a lot of people who don’t think their feet look good enough to be in full glare. Not to worry, we have just the solution for you! In this post, we will highlight one major foot treatment process that will get your feet looking incredible in sandals or flip flops all through this summer!

Pedicures! Pedicures! More Pedicures!

Pedicures work wonders for your feet and the results are clear in minutes after a treatment. It doesn’t matter how long it's been since you got one or how messed up your feet might be, with the right tools and equipment, your feet will be looking fresh and clean in no time. A lot of people prefer doing pedicures themselves and while this can be effective, sometimes it is better to let the professionals handle it.

A Callus Peel does Wonders

It is not strange that our feet are both of the most neglected parts of our bodies when compared to our faces and hair. However, one of the most neglected parts of the feet is the ball area. This part is more prone to friction and dirt accumulation as we go about our daily businesses. The constant force on this area thickens the skin and forms a slight yellow protective layer known as the “callus” according to medical professionals. Constant friction on this area of your feet can cause it to crack and even feel like a cheese grater to touch. If this description seems familiar, then you are definitely in need for a callus peel.

A callus peel, as the name implies is simply the use of a special kind of peel to remove the thick skin from the balls of your feet. The peel works by taking off the dead skin cells softly to avoid injury and revealing softer, healthier looking feet. Aside from your normal everyday pedicure routines, this treatment is a must have this summer as it completely makes your feet look divine in sandals; and that’s the aim this summer right?

Is it Expensive?

When compared to the amazing results it gives? Not at all! Professional pedicure sessions including callus peel treatments cost as low as £31 and the results can last up to a month if well managed. This is definitely a small price to pay to have beautiful and soft looking feet all summer. Your beautician will find the best peels to use for your treatment and will make the procedure very comfortable for you.

What are you waiting for? Get your feet right just in time for the summer with a simple pedicure/callus treatment.


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