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Curly Girl 101 – How to Keep Every Type of Curls Healthy

Curly hair is difficult to manage. That’s just a universal fact. Ask any curly girl, and they will tell you about the time, money, and energy they spend on their hair only to still end up with unmanageable strands that refuse to cooperate.

The good news is that there are certain practices you can adopt to have your curls looking glossy and perfect all the time!

First, you need to understand that there is no one-method-fits-all when it comes to curly hair care. Just like your skin, curly hair comes in different types and behaves differently to various treatments. To figure out the best hair care for you, some factors to consider are:

· Curly, wavy or coils

· Hair porosity

· The density of your hair

· Curl patterns and diameter

Since different kinds of curls require different hair care practices, we break it down based on hair type to show you how to keep your curls healthy.

Coiled Hair

Most people tend to mistake coiled hair for curly when they are inherently different. Coiled hair has well-defined ringlets and retains lesser moisture, which makes them drier.

Coils are generally tiny and tightly curled up, which makes your hair ‘shrink’ and appear shorter than they are. Afro-textured or ‘kinky’ hair falls under the coiled category.

The main element for coiled hair care is moisture. It would be a good idea to keep coiled hair well-moisturized at all times by deep conditioning it.

Never brush out your coils without a detangling product and wide-toothed comb. The best ingredients for your coils are shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Curly Hair

If you have spring-like hair that takes the form of natural spirals, then your hair falls in the curly category.

Generally, people with curly hair have a mixture of proper, tight curls and wavy strands that react to dry weather and humidity immediately. This characteristic is what makes them prone to frizz and breakage.

Curly hair care revolves around frizz control. The best products are light, so they don’t weigh your curls down and prevent the frizz while also letting your curls be bouncy and light.

We recommend products that come in the form of a whipped mousse and are water-based. Ingredients like jojoba oil and avocado extract will work great to bring your curls to life.

Olaplex is also an excellent option for people with curls.

Wavy Hair

This looser hair type has a softer texture with higher water retention properties, making it a lot easier to manage.

The biggest concern for wavy-haired people is the lack of volume in their hair. To keep your wavy hair looking healthy and voluminous, stay away from greasy and heavy products and pick out gels and light creams instead. Avoid silicone at all costs since it isn’t water-soluble and lays heavy on your hair.

Some great ingredients to look out for in an ideal product are argan oil and grape seed extracts.

In Conclusion

For the best curly hair care, you will need to figure out specific treatments that are based on your hair type. Also, look out for products that your hair is responding well to and include those in your regime. Add in regular trimming session, and your curls will shine and bounce like never before!


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