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Lighten Up for Summer


Summer is fast approaching and of course the confusion as to what highlights to use is plaguing a lot of women. You know when the sun hits your hair just right it glows? Yes, that’s all we want to achieve this summer and what better way to do that than to resort to highlights or tints or whatever it takes. With the incoming summer rush, I know everyone is going to be looking to the perfect hairdresser - perhaps in Milton Keynes - who’d know what they want and of course not break their budget. We’re currently offering 10 percent off on full head highlights. If you do not know what that means, keep reading.

A blonde-brown haired lady with highlight hair.
Blonde Highlights


So hair highlights are color shades that are lighter or brighter than your hair color. Getting a highlight would mean making some strands of your hair lighter than your original hair color. A lot of people love highlights for diverse reasons. Highlights have the capacity to frame your face or catch the light of the sun at the right angle or accentuate your cheek bones or even make your eyes pop. It does a lot to add beauty to the overall look you desire. There are also lowlights which is the same as highlights only it includes using shades that are a tad darker than your original hair color. Now there are partial and full highlights.

Partial /Half Highlights

As the name implies, a partial highlight will include coloring just a part of your hair. It could be the Mohawk part of your head or if you’re looking for a framing effect, the hair around your face, or just half the hair on your head. These highlights are meant to look natural and just brighten your hair the way the sun would, however if you’re looking for something unnatural and bold, your hairdresser could use bolder colors for the highlight. When your hair is curled, they are meant to look like ribbons: brighter than the rest that just pop out.

Full Highlights

A full highlight would imply adding lighter colors to your whole hair. It will make for fuller highlights. Again it could only be a slight departure from your original hair color or it could be a statement color. This however does not mean a full color change, but rather it means that strands of your hair are highlighted all over the hair.

There are a lot of ways to achieve highlights; from using foil to balayage and a whole lot more. The technique used will however depend on your choice of highlights.

Hair Tint

A hair tint on the other hand is more of a full hair color change. Whether it is slight and natural or bold and unnatural, the thing is the hair has changed color. Here a solid color is used to dye all the hair strands and not a few. It’s like a blonde becoming a red head.

Naturally highlights are more fun because it adds streaks of light to your hair and just gives you the summer ready look.


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