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Men’s Hair: 4 Hair Gel Blunders To Avoid

A hair gel is a convenient styling product, but it is important to use it properly. Apply on too much, and your hair would look oily and greasy. Definitely not what you want, right?

According to the professional barbers at our hair salon in Milton Keynes, here are the most common mistakes men make when using hair gel.

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1. Applying way too much product

Plastering your hair down by using too gel is a big NO. Not only will excess gel make your hair appear greasy and sticky, you may even lose its natural shape. In fact, your hair will become dry and damaged if you use too much gel and too often. Generally, people with short and spiky hair are most likely to make this mistake.

So is this there any quick way to fix this mistake? Buy lighter gels that won’t weigh down your hair. Hair gel should right flow freely in your hair, while creating a neat, solid look. Head over to the nearest stores now if you don’t already have a good quality, light hair gel!

2. Combing your hair after applying the gel

Once you’ve applied gel or any other styling product on your hair, do not comb or brush your hair immediately. Instead, use your hands to style your hair. The experts at our hair salon suggest that you should first get your hair into the shape that you want and then apply gel.

That being said, some hair gels can be combed into the hair. But, you should generally avoid this step after using gel.

3. Not letting your hair dry

Even if you are in a rush to head out for the day, let your hair dry completely and properly before applying gel. If you use gel on wet hair, the water will dilute it, making it less effective. Hence, you won’t be able to style your hair as you’d want.

So before you start styling your hair, make sure it is completely dry.

4. Applying the gel only at the tips

Many men apply hair gel only at the tips. By doing so, you lose control over your hair and cannot style it the way you want. A much better way is to apply the gel from the roots to the tips.


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