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Moroccan oil, also called Argan Oil, is a magical blend of fatty acids and antioxidants. You will find it everywhere. From breakfast tables as a dipping sauce for bread and pasta to labels as cosmetic ingredients, this natural wonder is produced manually by Moroccan Berber women from fleshy kneaded Argan tree nuts.

Of recent, this rare oil has spread from the shores of Africa to the lips and hearts of beauticians and dermatologists worldwide. It has also become widely popular among hair enthusiasts for its fabulous hair care benefits.

Here are three prominent reasons why a bottle of this golden juice should be on your hairdressing table.


Moroccan oil is an excellent hair moisturizer for individuals with dry hair and dry scalps. It fights dandruff and increases the elasticity of dull hair while balancing hair porosity at the same time. There is a slight wonder as to why the Moroccan oil is called a ‘miracle liquid.’ Just by working this oil through your ends, it will condition and give life to your hair by making it mellifluously smooth with a little extra sheen. It holds a high amount of vital and diverse fatty oils for lubrication and vitamin E, which is the well-known hair and nail growth vitamin. A consistent and correct application of this oil as hair food will surely add those extra inches to your mane. Moroccan oil contains luxuriously natural phenols that will fuel your scalp to grow more healthy hair, thus walloping any amount of hair follicles you might have lost.

This oil also gets knots out of your hair fast! More Moroccan nuts = fewer hair knots!


Using Moroccan oil in your hair care regimen will do more than moisturize. It is an organic kink straightener and is the perfect gizmo for emergency frizz removal. It keeps your hair unruffled and pliable even in the most extreme weather conditions. The oil is water-resistant and is also a potent UV protector – shielding your precious hair from the sun’s burning rays. It also protects your hair from high heat from flat irons and other heat styling gears. With Moroccan oil, you can finally say goodbye to all your bad hair days.


On the application of even a splash of Moroccan oil to your hair, it is immersed into the hair strands. This absorption process gives your hair the strength it needs. The possibility of split ends surfacing is minimal as long as your hair stays healthy and strengthened.

Moroccan oil is a well-kept beauty secret that has finally come to light. Its versatility makes it excellent for hair, health, and skin. It is anti-inflammatory; hence will not block your pores. It is naturally antiseptic and is excellent for individuals with sensitive skin and scalps. However, it is relatively prohibitive and usually diluted, so make sure you buy an unadulterated bottle from a verified brand or seller to avoid irritation.


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