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How to Do Your Nails When You Have to Appear for an Interview

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Do you have a job interview tomorrow? When you will walk into the interview room, your appearance will make an impression on the interviewers. Just as your apparel and hair should be appropriate, your nails also matter. Unfortunately, as hot as bright red paint may look on your hands, it’s definitely not recommended when you’re appearing in front of your future boss. But obviously, you can’t leave your nails ignored. So what do you do?

Here is what the experts at our beauty salon in Shenley Brook End suggest.

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Prep up

You don’t always have to apply coats and coats of colour on your nails for them to look good. They’ll also look beautiful when you take good care of them. Always keep them filed, trimmed and maintain a proper shape. Buff them regularly so that they appear glossy. Also, keep your hands moisturized to prevent rough cuticles and dry skin.

And oh, keep them short! Long nails just would not work at any interview.

Stick to the classic interview nails

Obviously, French manicures are the best choice for an interview. Simple, natural and absolutely stunning! But the way you maintain them plays a major role here.

What if you want to wear colour?

You sure can, but stick to soft and natural colours. Shades of light pink and nude would work fine. But stay away from bold and bright hues.

Pick your shade wisely

Your choice of nail colour can vary, depending on the position you will be interviewed for.

Creative - Creative roles involve some fun, so you can generally wear bolder colours. But corals and fuchsias are still a no, according to the experts at our nail and beauty salon. Wear light shades, and if you want, you can do a bit of nail art… but still no stones or any other embellishments.

Corporate - Dusty pink and similar shades work best for a corporate position.

Healthcare - Choose different shades of brown or light grey.

If you are applying nail polish, keep the bottle in your purse for a little touch-up if there is ever an emergency.

No nail art, please!

Nail art looks appealing and pretty, but we recommend it only for clubs, pubs and parties. Do not wear nail art in a professional workplace environment so that you wouldn’t have to fix any rhinestones, flowers or other gems on your nails.


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