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Prepping for Office: The Perfect Workplace Look

Confused about what makeup to wear at work and what to skip? Don’t be! Simply follow the advice of our expert makeup artists at our hair and beauty salon in Shenley Brook End, and you will end up looking gorgeous as you walk up to your desk every morning. Before we start, keep in mind that the goal of your makeup should be to highlight the natural features of your face. Whichever make up product or technique you use, don’t overdo it.

Ditch the foundation

No, foundation isn’t an essential make up product, especially if you’re headed to work. Foundations can look heavy when applied in an incorrect wrong manner. You don’t want to look cakey, do you? But you don’t necessarily need to have flawless skin to skip the foundation. If you want to cover your blemishes, use a good quality moisturizer and then a light BB cream. If you are not comfortable with that, apply a bit of pink blush on your cheeks and use your finger to blend it. This is enough to give you a natural look.

Enhance the eyes

Smoky eyes are hot. But they are definitely not work-appropriate. For accentuating your eyes, use a soft brow, plum or neutral shade on your lids, blending it well into the crease. And apply a nude coloured shade on your brow bones.

Brush up the lips

Not with gloss, of course! Instead, use a neutral peach or pink lipstick that can last for a good number of hours and keeps your lips hydrated. You can even choose reds, plums and browns, but make sure that you don’t apply too much blush on your cheeks or colour on your eyes.

Do your nails

Nail art looks stunning, but not when you are at office. Even a bit of glitter or colourful streaks on the nail won’t do! How can you make your nails look nice them? French manicure is what our hair and beauty experts suggest. Also, paint your nails a natural pink or nude colour, especially if you are working in the creative industry, such as fashion. In this case, reds and corals work best.

And most importantly, make sure that your hands are moisturized.

Smell nice!

Spray a clean, fresh perfume on your pulse points right before leaving home. This way the fragrance will last longer.


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