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The Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

How can you look fashionable while still maintaining a subtle youthfulness on your face and that characteristic grace of being over 50? Yes, it is about how you dress, but it’s also about how you do your hair. Choose the right style, and you’ll look stunningly sophisticated, and if you select the wrong one or something that doesn’t suit your face, you’ll obviously score lower. According to our expert hair stylists in Milton Keynes, here are some of the best hair styles that any woman over 50 can try out. And by the way, being this age doesn’t mean that you can’t wear bobs, pixie or bangs anymore! But our hair stylists do suggest that you should stick to some of the simpler looks. Soft lines and clean cuts should be a preference. If you have long hair, you should generally wear them upwards.

Medium Length Layers

A layered cut is one of the most preferred hairstyles at our hair and beauty salon in Milton Keynes, especially if your hair is of medium length, and just grazes your shoulders. Combine the look with soft honey coloured highlights to get a more edgy look.

Layered cuts are easy to maintain, and look best when set lose, but do style the tips properly using a round brush.

Short Bob

A layered cut can be transformed into a bob for a more dynamic look. Brush back the shorter layers off your forehead, and part your hair at the side for a more graceful effect.

Feathered Bob

Feathered bobs are fun, and would definitely make you stand out - in a good way that is! Get your hair cut till the chain such that the back layers are shorter than the front. Do get some lengthy bangs added for an extra dimension. The cut does require some maintenance, but looks amazing when styled properly.

Our expert hair stylists in Milton Keynes advise that this hairstyle looks best when the hair is slightly teased at the crown.

Feathered Layers

Another cut that requires maintenance, but nonetheless, feathered layers fall down beautifully, especially when your hair’s length is medium or long. Don’t forget to flick the ends with a round brush and set your hair with some spray beforeheading out.


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