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The Best Protective Hairstyles for Autumn

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

You don't need an expert to explain what Autumn does to your hair. As beautiful as the season is, it has an adverse effect on natural or relaxed hair, these side effects include dryness and breakage; two terms every girl hates to hear. To save yourself the heartache, you have to choose a protective hairstyle that would help lock in moisture, safeguard your hair as well as make you look and feel good.

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Think about protective hairstyles like insurance, you are protecting what's valuable to you. The goal of most women is to maintain a healthy, damage-free hair; therefore, the concept of protective styling reduces the risk of brittleness, tangles, and knots that evolve into the total deterioration of your hair. The concept of protective styling isn't complicated as we've seen, it's mostly an understanding that requires that you don't need to manipulate your hair daily, rather finding the necessary hairstyle that reduces the risk.

Bantu Knots

One of the oldest traditional hairstyles made a comeback in 2018 and has remained in the trending stream ever since. The African originated hairstyle is super fun and flirty. Bantu knots aren't knots they are coiled buns secured with a rubber band or bobby pin by the side of the hair. Although this hairstyle might not be long-lasting, it still protects and keeps your hair in check.

Faux Locs

Fun, versatile, generally fabulous and rising in fame, faux locs are extensions that are added to your hair to make it appear like dreads. They are "burden" free but you must remember that a style like this is kept in for a good length of time.

Weaves, Extensions, and Wigs

This range of protective hairstyles aren’t entirely new to the hairstyle world, these are a typical daily ritual for many women. Wigs for one helps to lock in moisture and also serves as one of the safest ways to protect your hair. Weaves and extensions are also great and can be used to experiment with different looks.


This ancient African traditional hairstyle is one of the most popular styles of braiding. This hairstyle is open to exploring, using synthetic hair extension, a variety of cool styles can be created. As for the length of time, if properly maintained it can stay up to a month.

Crochet Twist

This is not about the process of creating clothing or other items using yarns, however, the interlocking loop technique is very much applicable here. This protective hairstyle is a hybrid cornrow and braiding. The stylish hair is created by attaching already braided or twisted braid strands to your hair using a latch hook tool. This is one of the easiest braids and it's something you can do yourself.

Whatever you decide to rock, whether the braids which have been pronounced the OG of protective hairstyles, incorporating new looks or wigs, you should remember that these hairstyles are just one part of protecting your hair. To keep your hair away from damage and to ensure that your autumn look is amazing and stands out, you need to maintain a simple hair care routine.


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