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The Most Flattering Bangs for Your Face Shape

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

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Changing your hairstyle is a major decision. The good news is that you don't have to cut all of your long locks to achieve the makeover of your dreams! Even something small, like getting bangs, can take years off your face or add to it!


Bangs have the incredible power to change your entire look. The trick lies in picking the right style. If you do so, they will compliment your face and make you look stunning!

So without further ado, let's go over the most flattering kinds of bangs for different face structures.

Side-swept Bangs for Round Faces

Although most people think round faces and bangs don't go well together, we are here to prove them wrong.

Side-swept bangs look divine on round-shaped face structures and happen to be one of the most popular styles. These have softened edges and are wider towards the cheeks, adding the illusion of some length to your face and making it appear more chiseled.

Wispy Fringe for Heart-shaped Faces

If your face has soft angles, you would want to be more careful of the length rather than your fringe's width. Heart-shaped face structures look best with elongated bangs from the forehead down. These let the curvature of your chin shine and add that perfect chic yet playful look.

When you do get the wispy fringe, be sure to rough dry it after washing your hair, then use a round brush to detangle from underneath your bangs. Doing so will add in some bounce to your hair.

Blunt Bangs for Oval Faces

Since oval is considered the ideal face shape, almost all styles of bangs work great on them. However, to further enhance your shape's oval-ness, opt for bangs with a bluntness to them!

They cut straight across your face, making it look more symmetrical and drawing attention away from the elongated chin. You can style them up for a shaggy, gypsy-style look or glam it up to look super chic.

Long Layered Bangs for Square Faces

Square faces look best with lengthy, long, and full bangs that are well-optimized for balance and symmetrical. These bangs will soften the sharp jawline while adding that perfect feminine touch to your best features.

Our favourite part about these is that you can easily split your bangs or sweep them to the side for a more romantic hairdo.


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