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Updated: Jan 14, 2022

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If you’re the type that just loves colors especially when they’re on your head, then this is for you. You know those periods just before summer where you get to prepare for a cut or trim as the case may be and you opt to get a different tint or better still bleach the hair? Well, it has its downsides.

While it is not an issue whether you change your hair color, you probably need to step on the brakes for a bit or better still get Olaplex. It’s like eating a lot of chocolate and ice cream knowing the dangers it could cause to your health only this time there’s Olaplex to reverse such damages to your hair and you can’t say the same for chocolate or ice cream.

Why Olaplex?

Olaplex is more like the miracle for your hair. It is recommended for all hair types whether virgin or permed or overly processed ones as well. It is a hair treatment that is suitable for hair that is damaged as a result of bleaching or excess coloring over time. It repairs the hair and helps to increase its strength. So, it is a hair treatment that repairs hair strands by reconnecting disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair when they’re broken.

Quite some people have gotten their hair back from one single application. It differs in many ways from the regular conditioning because it is more of a permanent repair and not temporary masking. So, it is so much more as it does not just add moisture but it repairs, rejuvenates and heals the hair.

Olaplex is suitable for the following. Chemical treatments such as coloring the hair, hair damage from excessive use of heat tools like curlers and mechanical problems like hard combing wet hair. Where you have bleached your hair a couple of times or changed colors a while lot, Olaplex is the ideal thing to use. So, here are a few reasons why you need Olaplex.

· Olaplex repairs broken bonds in the hair that were caused by chemicals, heat and mechanical factors. Most often than not changing someone’s hair color might leave the hair with a lot of chemical problems, all of which Olaplex is ideal.

· Olaplex helps you maintain the integrity of your hair irrespective of what may have caused the damage.

· When the process of Olaplex is complete, it reduces a lot of breakages and makes the hair grow longer.

· Olaplex reduces and subsequently terminates split ends through the healing ingredients present in it.

· Olaplex gives the hair an overall shine and also tames frizz. It makes your hair easy to manipulate and style.

Olaplex is however not a leave-in conditioner so it is advised to wash it off with your regular shampoo and conditioners.

Caring for your hair is more natural and should be regular too. Care would entail avoiding all the heat tools, reducing the number of times you color your hair in a year and other mechanical functions. With Olaplex however, your hair will glow.


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