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5 Stylist-Approved Tips to Make your Hair Colour Last Longer

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

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Leaving the hair salon with a fresh, new hair colour can make you feel like you're on top of the world. Dyeing your hair is a great way to dramatically change your entire look without having to chop off some length.

Unfortunately, a few weeks in and you’ll notice the new colour already starting to fade!


The dye's shine and lustre become ashy, and you're left with sickly looking hair, especially if you've bleached them.

While the colour fade is unavoidable, there are ways to delay it and get more out of your dye. Here are some stylist-approved tips to make your hair colour last longer.

1. Prep Your Hair Beforehand

Most of us research and prepare for the after-care when dyeing our hair, but we forget some preparations to do beforehand.

A few days before your hair colour appointment, deep condition, your beautiful tresses, and consider a protein treatment. The treatment will help nourish your hair and seal the colour better. It will also reduce the damage caused by harsh chemicals and colourants.

2. Invest in Products for Dyed Hair

Since dyeing your hair is expensive, many people end up skipping on this to save some money. It may seem like no big deal; all shampoo is shampoo after all. But, not using products specifically designed for colour-treated hair will cause your dye to strip off even faster than usual.

Your shampoo, conditioner, and even after-wash treatments should be colour-safe. Otherwise, you will end up needing touch-ups frequently, which is more expensive.

3. Lesser Washes

One of the most important rules to follow after dyeing your hair: ONLY wash hair when necessary. Even if you're using a gentle, colour-safe shampoo, it will still damage the dye and make it fade faster.

A trick we discovered was to use dry shampoo instead of washing our hair. It is quick, easy, and gets rid of the greasy feeling without affecting the colour.

4. Avoid Hot Water

Who doesn't love a nice hot shower first thing in the morning? Unfortunately, that is something you will need to sacrifice after getting a hair dye.

Hot showers damage your hair proteins and make the colour appear dull and lifeless. It also strips off moisture from your strands, causing them to appear frizzy. Remember to lower your shower temperature, so your hair colour lasts longer and looks shiny.

5. Condition Once a Week

The chemicals and colourants used in the hair dye process will dry out your hair and make it fragile. Thus, it will need extra care and attention to recover and continue to look gorgeous.

The best way to strengthen your hair and give it some of that moisture back is by deep-conditioning and using hair masks. Conditioners for colour-treated hair are available in most superstores, and you can even make some using your pantry supplies! Use hydrating ingredients like olive oil, yogurt, and banana to keep your hair healthy and strong. Look up the uses of apple cider vinegar too. It can do wonders for your locks!

At the End

If you decide to get a hair dye, you should be committed to taking extra care of your hair. Only then will you be able to undo the damage and ensure that the colour looks bright and shiny for a long time. With Autumn starting, it's a great time to look at rich auburn and warm browns for your hair.


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